Read what people are saying about Roadtech, Inc.

Tony Frost, Forest Capital: “How do you put a cost on a non-usable road versus fixing it up to make it something that you can haul logs on? And for the nature of work that was done, that was extremely a good price. It’s turning something bad into something good.”
Nick Jones, Washington DNR: “Using a linear crusher on main and secondary roads that do not require DOT spec gravel resurfacing costs us about $10,000 per mile including spreading and rolling, which saves us about $20,000 to $25,000 per mile compared to the commercial cost of gravel.”
Greg Stern, Stimpson Lumber: “The ‘In situ crushing’ minimizes or negates the hauling of more rock. The improved grades and the compaction process, along with the crushing really helps the road hold shape for extended periods of time, rather than just laying it over and trying to pack it. We had 10 million board feet (Approx. 2000 trucks or 80000 tons) to haul out. The road held up for that entire time.”
Jeff Parker, Salmon/Challis National Forest: “In the end, what was to be five miles of resurfaced gravel road became 17 miles of resurfaced gravel road with the same funds, using the Roadtech linear crusher.”

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